The Swirl

Swirl is the world's first platform for spiritual wellbeing.


Spiritual seekers find and access personal guidance from teachers they love through 1-on-1 sessions, webinars, subscriptions, and online courses.

With transparency at the heart of what we do, we invite you to participate in our journey and build a brighter better future together.

The Swirl Team

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Malin Andersson

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Joakim Ljungblad

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Our Story

We are two Swedish tech entrepreneurs who have set out to make a difference. Through building Swirl, a multi-market marketplace, for the spiritual community, we lay the foundation for being able to help sprout other companies and create even more positive change.

Swirl is a bootstrapped venture and we are looking to build a sustainable company that will grow over time. We believe that it is time to move away from the VC mindset and that there is no such thing as infinite growth in a finite world.

Why Swirl?

When Malin, one of our co-founders, grew up this was one of the resources she wished she would have had access to, a place to find and connect with guides who could help her on her own journey. One might think this has become easier with todays increased accessibility.


The truth is however that it has probably become even more difficult to find good trustworthy guides, what in the past seemed like mission-impossible is today like looking for a needle in a haystack..


Think of us as a LinkTree for the spiritual community, connected to our multi-market marketplace, and the soon-to-be-launched Swirl Inbox where guides can manage all of their sessions, and clients can access and view all of their recorded sessions in one and the same place.