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Aura reading with clairvoyant and intuitive Sara Garanty. ✨


Aura readings

Get your personal aura reading

Your aura is your colourful energy field and protection unique to you - it reflects how you are feeling, the experiences you have and can help us understand who we are. It can be damaged but also healed and strengthened.

During one hour meeting via zoom I will draw the colours in your aura. Each chakra and energy field gives away different colours.

The energy fields connected to the chakras, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual field. I look at details, differences, and limits and inspire you to get a hold of your energies and make them more vibrant and in phase. My speciality is to help people and Starseeds to unblock energies, so you can get a clear path to your soul mission and path on earth. After the session you will get a picture of the aura drawing and a text about your colours, both the one you have and the colours you could be using more of. The session can be held in Swedish or in english.

What is an aura?

the coloured emanation or electromagnetic field that surrounds individuals

An aura is described to be the coloured emanation or electromagnetic field that surrounds individuals and indicates all levels of their wellbeing. “Our aura’s made up of many layers. The first layer is the physical plane which is the auric level that tells us how our physical body is doing, so if you’re injured that’s resonating in that physical plane, but equally if you’re an athlete you’ve got an amazingly strong physical plane.”

The second layer is “where we hold our emotions, so if you feel sad or happy, that is dancing within that energy field.” The third one is associated with our beliefs. The fourth is “about your heart, so what your heart feels and how open your heart is.” The fifth is “about your voice and the words you speak to yourself.” After that, “there are layers that connect us more to spirit.”

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About Sara

Sara Garanty is a Clairvoyant and intuitive, aura reader and yoga teacher.

Sara Garanty is a Clairvoyant and intuitive, aura reader and yoga teacher. Having worked with colours for over 15 years, Sara Garanty started her exploration of a spiritual journey at the age of 15. Becoming fascinated quite 'by chance' how to work with meditation, energy, crystals and magic. Lately she is guidning Starseeds on their soul mission on earth. She has an intuitive gift discovering lightworkers, starseeds and help them to discover their full potential - and uncover how to overcome and transmute their pains, in their own way, in their own time - into heart felt success - and using her own life, her experience, the power of energy and colours to guide Starseeds, Lightworkers or anyone who would like to be more heart connected and help with bringing in more love and light to this planet.