The Swirl Vision

Updated: Jun 2

We invite you to partake in our journey and in a transparent way show you what we are aiming to build and achieve. Swirl is the foundational stone for our larger vision. When Swirl reaches sustainability we are looking to sprout co-created initiatives for the guides in our community, the environment, and the mental health of our fellow human beings.

The categories we have divided our vision into:

Under each category, you will find a brief description of our thoughts on why this category is an important aspect enabling us to reach 100% of our vision.

You will be able to understand what Swirl will look like when we have reached 50% of our vision as well as 100%.

In addition to this, we have set tangible goals for our first deadline, 11 September 2022, these goals will help us move closer to reaching 50% of our vision.

Co-founders Malin and Joakim @ Tiny Whale surf Lodge, Arrifana, Portugal, February 2022

Core team sustainability

We believe that in order to be able to reach 100% of our vision it is super important that we as founders are feeling at our best.

As previous startup founders of the remote company World's Marathons, we learned a lot about building tech companies, teams, funding, hustling, and all that what comes with building startups.

We learned that great results are usually a bi-product of people feeling at their best and loving what they do. To us, it's really not much more difficult than that. We can almost guarantee you that if the team behind Swirl is at their best, so will Swirl - as well as the sprout companies connected to Swirl.

This is the simple reasoning behind why we have put Team Core Sustainability as the first cornerstone to us reaching 100% of our vision.

50% of Core Team Sustainability vision

  • Plenty of time to surf, run trails, be in nature and do what we want

  • Living the freedom lifestyle enables creative thinking and generates amazing results

  • Swirl revenue-generating enough to support the team

  • The Swirl team is mentally healthy, good, and thriving, making a conscious and continuous effort to feel at our best (most of the time, everyone can have a bad day)

100% of Core Team Sustainability vision

  • Time freedom

  • Economic freedom

Co-founder Malin with 107 Yoga @ Ericeira, Portugal, October 2021.

Thriving community

With a thriving community of guides connected to Swirl, we can enable them to thrive, co-create and grow together.

We want everyone to succeed and what better way to do that than through co-creation within the community that we are already bringing together?

We feel that the community connected to Swirl will be one of the most important aspects of making Swirl and our sprout companies reach 100% of their potential.

50% of our vision

  • Less people feeling alone on their journey

  • We have created the tools needed for the community to grow and thrive by itself

  • Many co-creation projects within our community without us being involved

  • Encouraged people to believe in their ideas and go for it

100% of our vision

  • Enable co-creation and in-directly help others grow

  • Make other businesses thrive

  • Created a space for them to grow and succeed

  • Have a dedicated community that is enthused about what we do and help bring new sprouts alive

Co-founder Malin and her roommate Emily, former 10+ years Wall Street trader, getting ready for a surf @ Ribeira d'Ilhas, Ericeira. May 2022.

Sustainable funds

We are building Swirl as a sustainable business. To us there is no such thing as infinite growth in a finite world, we are looking to achieve sustainable growth, listen to where the world is at, and adjust accordingly if needed.

To achieve this we want to collaborate with sustainable funds and connect them to our community in order to help us and our sprout companies achieve sustainable growth and be able to showcase tangible results of the good that we do in the world.

50% of our vision

  • The first core business (initial seed) is thriving and making it possible to sprout freely

  • Large funds interested in supporting us and our sprouts

100% of our vision

  • Swirl fund

  • Many global funds committed to the Swirl community

Co-founder Joakim improving his surf skills, we love learning to surf alongside building a company, the two things have a lot of commonalities and we do believe that the more time we spend in the water the better results we'll also see outside the water.. @ Tiny Whale surf Lodge, Arrifana, Portugal, February 2022


A sprout is a company that has been seeded via the Swirl Fund and sustainable funds connected to Swirl. Spout companies will be companies that do good in the world, either for the environment or for the mental health of the world's population.

50% of our vision

  • 50% from the first seed makes it possible to sprout

  • The first 3 sprout initiatives launched

  • Cross-promotion within community and between sprouts

100% of our vision

  • Sprouted companies are showing tangible results on the impact they have had on the environment and mental health

  • Good formula/thought process to sprout new companies

  • Sprouted initiatives that create real environmental change

  • Sprouted initiatives that create real positive mental health change

  • Multi-product and multi-market

  • Helping to bring amazing self-driving projects alive

  • We have the initiators and creative spark for getting our sprout companies to come alive

  • Find diamonds in the rough, lift them up, and give them the resources needed to create amazing things

Co-founder Joakim with his fiancé Linnea, building a beautiful relationship together and showing how things can be done.. @ Ericeira, Portugal, May 2022

Lead by example

We've set out to show that things can indeed be done differently and that you can indeed create monumental change as long as the impact you are trying to have is large enough.

Our vision is quite monumental and we 100% believe we can achieve it because we know that we will eventually get there as long as we take one step at a time in the right direction.


  • Be conscious about pivoting Swirl if the world is changing

  • Not expecting infinite growth in a finite world

100% of our vision

  • Inspire

  • Be seen and recognized as a fair/good brave

  • Show corporates, startups, and VCs:s that there is another way of doing things, rather than doing things as they have always been done

  • Thought leaders for others to follow

  • Show the world you can in fact follow your dreams and create exactly what you want have envisioned

Co-founder Joakim has been drawing since he was a kid and is an aspiring artist. Check out his work here.


With Joakim being part of our founding team we have the great asset of having an amazing developer on board but also a super-talented artist and hence designer. we want to build things that not only work great but also look great and create impressive customer journeys.

We want to create products that a substantial amount of people will love to use, for a very long time.

50% of our vision

  • Curiosity has started to form

  • The closest community knows what’s up and spreads the word

100% of our vision

  • It looks great

  • Building things that many appreciate and use