Swirl Proof of concept - November 2021

Updated: Jun 2

We reached €10.000 in turnover 4 weeks after launching the first iteration of Swirl. In November 2021 we did proof of concept together with Swedish interior designer, colour expert and clairvoyant aura reader Sara Garanty.

Meet Sara, an interior designer and clairvoyant aura reader

Sara’s what I’d refer to as a mystic, she has this aura about her that makes people curious about what she is up to and what direction she might launch into next. It’s like a mystical haze surrounding her and you just kind of wanna be part of it.

One day Sara mentioned that she was soon to be interviewed on Sweden's largest spiritual podcast. But she had an issue. How was she gonna manage all of the booking requests she’d received after the episode would air?

So I asked her if she could not just use our platform Swirl, I mean the first iteration of the platform was almost ready. She said yes.

The first iteration of Swirl

In the next few weeks, we hustled and built the first iteration of Swirl, a fully functioning booking platform for spiritual guides.

Sara’s episode “Energy in Colour and Aura Readings” aired with Holy Crap Podcast in late October 2021, in the coming months Sara also had to hustle as she did a total of 70 aura readings.

We had our first €10.000 in turnover, found proof of concept, and found something to scale on.

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