Swirl Inbox - manage all of your sessions in one-and-the-same place

Updated: Jun 22

Swirl is the world's first platform for spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual seekers find and access personal guidance from teachers they love through 1-on-1 sessions, webinars, subscriptions, and online courses.

Via the Swirl Inbox you as a guide manage all of your sessions in one-and-the-same place. In your Swirl Inbox you can view upcoming sessions, upload recorded sessions, and share recourses as well as news with your clients.

When you receive a new booking it will show up on top of your Swirl Inbox, always keeping you up to date!

Statistics and participants

When you click on one of the sessions in your inbox you will access a more in-depth view of that session's statistics.

You will be able to view all the participants who have signed up for the session, total amount of sales and sales over time.

Communication tool and sharing of resources

You can use the Swirl Inbox to communicate with your clients in preparation for and after sessions by sharing posts and uploading resources to your session in the form of recorded sessions, other videos, PDFs, and images.

All shared posts and resources will be saved under the resources tab and the client will receive a notification.

Uploading resources in the Swirl Inbox allows both guide and client to keep track of all their sessions and connected resources in one-and-the-same place.

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