Goals to reach by 11 September 2022

Updated: Jun 17

Here you can see the goals we want to have reached by 11 September 2022. After these first goals have been reached, we will set up new ones to continuously move towards reaching 50% of our vision.

Goals for September 11 2022

  • Create Swirl Inbox Mocks, showcasing second iteration of Swirl (Done)

  • Vision clearly communicated on the website allowing others to follow our work/progress in a transparent way (Done)

  • 3 guides onboarded with +€3000 in turnover/month (in progress)

  • Inbox Launched

  • Know that Inbox is the right way forward

  • 1 grant acquired for at least €30.000

Why are our goals set to be reached by September 11 2022?

This is Joakim, one of our co-founder's birthday and when he usually sets his new goals for the year to come. So we figured it was a good date to finalize our first goals and set our new ones.

Follow our progress or want to get involved?

If you are keen to follow our progress feel free to check back in on this page or find out more by booking a call with co-founder Malin.

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