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Johannes Lockwood

Astrologer with a focus on archetypes

I discovered astrology at the age of 13 and have been into it ever since. In my sessions I try to clarify the aspects of your psyche that you are not in full awareness of, your shadow side, this darkness that we all have inside and gives us our unique expression while sometimes complicating our relationships with ourselves and with others.

I'm trying to show you that your traumas are not something that should be hidden away, but rather something that can can be transformed into enormous potential, something to be proud of.

The potential of your traumas can only be awakened if you are willing to look at your shadow side. And it is exactly in here the transformative potential of astrology lies.


I'm apprentice of the world-renowned Cabalistic astrologer and speech therapist Derek Seagrief.


Online via Zoom or in person at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Sessions are offered in Danish and English.