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Discover the magic of colour and how they impact your life through booking an Aura Reading

Book an Aura Reading

Have you ever tapped into the magic of colour through doing an aura reading?

To do an aura reading is a truly exciting experience where an aura reader will read your aura and give you advice on what colours to add more of into your life, in order to self-improve in the areas of your life that those specific colours represent.

Colours has a vibration and the colours you wear affects your vibration, colours can serve as blockers or boosters depending on how you use them and how aware you are of what you're aura looks like today.

To get an aura reading is too many just like going to the doctor for your yearly or 6-month check. 

Start exploring the magic of colour by booking your first aura reading and start to transform your life through colour. 

Choosing colour will ultimately affect your body, mind and emotional wellbeing. Making an educated choice is not simply the selection of a hue; the question of the saturation/brightness and vibrancy of said hue also tremendously impacts one's personal productivity within a space.

If a space is stimulating for the user, then it can encourage people to think different. Colour psychology is important in any scenario: a home office (or dining room) to work from home in or a commercial office building to a luxury hotel.

So be brave, embrace colour and create a harmonious environment to be productive in. Remember not to use colours which are too energizing or too stimulating as these might eventually lead to fatigue and burnout. A change of colour can alter people's moods enormously.

Sara Garanty

Sara Garanty

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